The Long Walk of Recovery

Recovery (etymology): to come back or return Today was supposed to be it: my return, however humble to the world of training and fundraising for good causes. For those not in the loop, I had debilitating knee pain that stopped me cold after my last triathlon. That led to knee surgery last July (refurbished, not … Continue reading The Long Walk of Recovery

Advice for New Yogis

On my yoga mat Friday morning, I had a startling realization.  As I moved through the poses with very little correction from the instructor, I thought: I feel like I know what I'm doing.  I've learned a ton in the past few weeks. Those of you who know me know how much I struggle with stepping into new labels. … Continue reading Advice for New Yogis

Why are habits hard to break?

Generally, around this time in January, I have a pretty clear idea of which of my new year's goals I'm likely to pull off and which I'm going to have to table.  In reflecting on that list this past week and thinking about the lists I've made in past years, I noticed a pattern: I'm … Continue reading Why are habits hard to break?

Discipline versus Care

Just this week it happened again.  Someone asked about my next race (a safe-bet conversation topic these days) and then shook their head saying 'I admire your self-discipline.'  The clear implication was one I hear both verbally and between the lines over and over again: 'I could never do that.'  I gently pushed back, trying … Continue reading Discipline versus Care

Advice for new all-season cyclists

This past October in New England was unseasonably pleasant, but in the last couple of weeks it's finally started to feel like winter is closing in.  Many folks opt to put their bicycles away once the high's drop from 60-something to 40-something, but last winter I was dreading the return to public transit so badly, … Continue reading Advice for new all-season cyclists

Naming what you want

What do you want? In so many forms, in so many sizes, it seems like this is the question that gets thrown at me more often than any other.  In meetings and professional networking sessions.  At writing workshops and spiritual retreats.  In friendships and in the bedroom.  It's everywhere.  And it's also the question, at … Continue reading Naming what you want

Advice for New Triathletes

As I prepare for my first ever solo Olympic-length triathlon, I’ve been reflecting a bunch on my first few races.  I like to tell people I got conned into my first race–a friend talked me into joining her and then had to back out a few weeks before the race.  But something stuck.  I don’t … Continue reading Advice for New Triathletes