Advice for new all-season cyclists

This past October in New England was unseasonably pleasant, but in the last couple of weeks it's finally started to feel like winter is closing in.  Many folks opt to put their bicycles away once the high's drop from 60-something to 40-something, but last winter I was dreading the return to public transit so badly, … Continue reading Advice for new all-season cyclists

Advice for New Triathletes

As I prepare for my first ever solo Olympic-length triathlon, I’ve been reflecting a bunch on my first few races.  I like to tell people I got conned into my first race–a friend talked me into joining her and then had to back out a few weeks before the race.  But something stuck.  I don’t … Continue reading Advice for New Triathletes

Advice for Training while Traveling

Vacation.  Conferences.  Holiday trips to see family.  How many promising new habits and routines have I buried in those seemingly short disruptions to my daily life?  Even just two or three days can reset old patterns, in eating, exercising, and so much else, in ways that can feel frustrating and discouraging.  But when I was … Continue reading Advice for Training while Traveling

Advice for new cyclists

About a month ago I wrote one of my most popular blog posts, in answer to questions about how I got into all this exercise and training stuff.  I pulled together a list of six things that might be useful to someone starting out as a runner.  But if you add up the miles, honestly … Continue reading Advice for new cyclists